With good rainfall and fertile soils, New Zealand’s farm land is able to sustain production almost all year round.

New Zealand has an almost exclusively free-range grass feed production system producing tender, appetizing and healthy products. Pasture fed and naturally raised meat has a unique, internationally sought after flavour.

The New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is responsible for New Zealand’s food related legislation. Around 200,000 Export Certificates are issued annually for animal products. Meat processors utilise the traceability system with strict documentation and packaging that includes barcoding and tamper-proof closures. Individual shipments can be tracked back to the farm they came from.

New Zealand’s strict biosecurity controls, quality control processes, food safety, and geographic location as an island nation have resulted in an animal disease-free status, recognised by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

The NZ National Animal Identification and Traceability (NAIT) project is a compulsory electronic system, which requires all bovine to be individually tagged with electronic ear tags and Prime Range operates within these guidelines.

Our products are highly regarded throughout the world and we are experiencing an increasing demand for them.



As a well-established operator in the local trade supply, Prime Range Meats provide a regular supply of all meat options to supermarkets, specialist butcheries, Restaurants and small goods manufacturers.

Meat products are produced under the strict tenderness regime which enables use of the highly recognized “Quality Mark” brand at retail.

Our experienced sales teams have ready access to the complete range of meat products from the export plant. In addition, we offer a further processing factory at Bond Street, Invercargill, where highly experienced tradesmen butchers complete orders, specific to your requirements.



Prime Range brand chilled and frozen meat products are marketed globally as premium quality 100% natural grass fed lamb, mutton and beef products.

Our processing plant is approved for the majority of markets throughout the world including the European Union, USA/North America and Asian markets including China, Japan and Taiwan.

We export top quality value-added meat products through established international market channels to world class restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers and internet supply companies throughout the world.

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International Sales


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