Our annual operational programme adjusts to meet the seasonal supply of Lamb, Sheep, Prime and Manufactured Beef and Bobby Calves.


Over the past 3 years we have processed on average 212,000 Sheep/Lamb, 8,700 Beef/Cow and 36,000 Calves, operating 12 months of the year with the means of significantly exceeding this. Major capital expenditure is planned and our Processing Plant will rapidly adapt to produce extra cuts of meat required to meet the demands of the Local and International markets.

Prime Range Meats is also a dedicated supplier to the local trade sector, providing high quality meat items to butcheries, restaurants and supermarkets throughout New Zealand.


Our Plant


The Plant itself is self-contained and includes:

  • Flexibility for chilled or frozen meats
  • Processing of offal and tripe
  • Tallow
  • Animal food (ovine and bovine) including dried blood
  • Rendering producing materials used for fertilizer and fuel
  • Beef hides and Sheep pelts
  • On-Site bacterial meat testing
  • On-Site Casing Plant

A standalone rendering plant on-site enables all by-products to be processed, stored and loaded for export directly from the plant.

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